Primary investigator

Ulrich Speidel (

Other staff

Mano Manoharan (


Lucas Betts (
Fuli Fuli (
Daniel Williamson (
Lei Qian (
‘Etuate Cocker ( [completed 2016]
Zengyan Zhu ( [Summer Scholar 2017/2018]


Peter Abt
Liam Scott-Russell
Zihao Yang

Software contributors

Péter Vingelmann (Steinwurf)
Janus Heide (Steinwurf)

Supporters, fellow researchers, advisers, friends

Nevil Brownlee (University of Auckland)
Brian Carpenter (University of Auckland)
Muriel Médard (MIT)
Martin Bossert (University of Ulm)
Sven Puchinger (University of Ulm)

Supporting organisations

Internet NZPacific Island Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC)
Bluesky Cook Islands
Internet Niue
Tuvalu Telecom

The Simulator Facility is based at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.


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